4 'Free' ways to show someone you care bout them!

In these fast-paced times we can get so caught up focusing on ourselves, and what we want and need, that we sometimes forget about the other humans which occupy our space and time. They may be going through a rough patch or have a lot of stress on their shoulders and you wouldn’t even know it, because their new insta post was of them at a picture-perfect beach. We tend to only recognise moments of joy and those which have been socially queued up, like job promotions, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries. This is not to say we shouldn’t be celebrating those moments, we definitely should be making a big hoo haa about them, but what about the other little moments in life? Why is showing someone you love them on Feb 14 so important compared to showing them you love them when they didn’t get that job promotion? Why don’t we show compassion when someone stubs their toe, crashes their car and has their pet gold fish die all in one day?

For those of you that said, ‘I do’, well done, you’re pretty much what’s perfect in the world and you get a gold star from us. But for those questioning it and saying, ‘yeah why don’t I’ or ‘why would I, where would I start’, we have 4 little ways you can show compassion and appreciation to a special person in your life without breaking the bank!


  1. Always start with food!

It’s no lie, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (or anyone’s for that matter, if you’re anything like us.)  Putting in that little bit of extra effort to make someone their favourite dish or surprise them with some fresh chocolate brownies goes a long way to show that you appreciate them.  


  1. Quality time

Sometimes all it takes is having someone sit with you and do nothing at all. Offering to just be present is one of the greatest gifts of all and sharing in doing something with the person you love is an even greater one. You can go for a long walk, try out a hobby, watch the game or build a fort, no matter what it is, spending time with (all devices and distractions away) that special someone will be sure to put a smile on their face.


  1. Praise and recognise hard work

Everyone is running on their own hamster wheel, working that 9-5 grind or juggling parenthood with part-time studies. Sometimes this hard work goes amiss and can be construed as the ‘normal’ but we should take time to recognise the commitment and hard yards people put into their lives to keep them spinning. A simple compliment or ‘thank you’ and words of affirmation can give someone the motivation they need to get through and also make them feel to be seen.


  1. Hug

They say ‘A hug a day keeps the worries away’. Not sure who ‘they are’ or if I just made that up on the spot, but let’s go with it. In a world of so many distractions and notifications we can become a little distant and remote in our relationships, and so a little physical affection can reignite and create a lot of warmth and light in your life. Not to mention it also reduces stress and releases oxytocin.


These four ways to show some free loving may sound to you so simple and too easy, and that’s because they are! We just sometimes forget to share them as often as we should.

However if you do find yourself in a position where these acts of appreciation are not doable we also offer up a 5th way to show someone you care, through a Gallant gift co pack! As easy as buying flowers, and a great way to say ‘you deserve some loving’. If their love language is gifting, you know where to go!


Big E-Hugs, Brooke 
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