5 Father’s Day gifts your Dad wont stop talking about

Lift your gifting game and get Dad what he deserves.


You know you have done well in the gifting game when the recipient continually brags about the item they received OR they themselves buy it as a gift for someone else. It might be true that Fathers are some of the toughest and hardest creatures to buy for however, we have done the hard yards for you, interviewed a few Dads of our own and created a short (but sweet) list of gifts you can get him with a guarantee he will enjoy (and possibly buy again - for a mate).


  • Spinifex - F88 lager

We are going to cut to the chase – Aboriginal and Veteran owned brewery; sustainable and native sourced WA ingredients; 50% of profits go to veteran charities; and most importantly it tastes sooooo good! If he hasn’t heard of Spinifex yet, he will be telling all his mates to jump on board this wagon, because they are only getting bigger and better! 

  • HuskeeCup

Does your Dad drink coffee? What a stupid question, of course he drinks coffee and if not, he does the Irish type which means there is no avoiding it. As single-use plastics and take away waste gets pushed out, we will all be carrying around our reusable cups eventually. This means we might as well make the cup Dad is going to be using every day a darn good one! Made from re-purposed waste material (coffee husk), dishwasher friendly, non-toxic (BPA-free), ultra light and durable, more heat-retentive than glass and comfortable to hold and drink from, the Huskee Cup has won design awards and is praised by all users.


  • Solid State Cologne

We could go on and on about this amazing wax cologne but we will leave you with this; SCC is (but not limited to) sophisticated, stylish, modern and practical! With scents inspired by Mediterranean holidays, it not only smells amazing, it also is the perfect travel size to take with you in your back pocket, allowing him to feel (or at least smell) like he is on holiday all the time. 


  • Men Who Scrub - Tradie Scrub

Did you know that scrubbing exfoliates your skin removing all your dead and dull skin? It promotes healthy and smooth skin whilst helping to remove blemishes and scarring. Let’s save your Dad the embarrassment, or the sheepish shrug when accused with stealing products found lying around the house, this men’s scrub is the product women will love to steal. Made using all-natural Australian ingredients, it is going to scrub away all that tradie grime and leave him feeling oh so soft. Who says our guys don’t love having super soft exfoliated skin? (because trust us, they do!) Better yet, place by the laundry sink to scrub clean those grease-stained hands.


  • Dingo Sauce co. – Widow Maker

My Dad hasn’t stopped talking about Dingo sauce and he doesn’t even own a bottle of it, he just gifted it to a mate, who also hasn’t stopped talking about it (mostly because he swears it is the hottest chilli sauce he has ever had, coming from a man who happily eats chillies whole). Rated 15 out of 10, the Widow Maker (appropriately named) has won many awards and is hand crafted right here in Perth. It’s not a sauce for the faint-hearted but boy does it spice up beach bbqs! Dingo Sauce Co. have a mouth-watering selection of chilli sauces with a range of heat levels to suit any taste buds and all made from quality local ingredients.


    Have you any gifts we could add to our collection? Perhaps there is a particular Aussie owned gift that your Dad or Hubby can’t stop talking about? Please share it with us as we would love to get more fantastic businesses, like the ones above, featured in our Gallant Gift Packs.



    Big E-hugs, Brooke

    Gallant Gift Co.