Necessity gifting but make it fun!

[ A little behind the scenes and a great idea on how you can spoil someone special!]


Gift giving shouldn’t be hard, we think it should be fun and just as exciting for the giver as it is for the receiver. If you’re anything like Brooke and I, you love to see people smile by gifting them something you know will bring them joy. It doesn’t need to be expensive nor does it need to be big and make a huge statement, don’t get me wrong; it is nice every once in a while, but I’m here today to give you a little taster on what I did for my partner to celebrate his birthday back in March.

Over the past seven years ‘J’, as he shall be named, has always given me the title for ‘best gift giver’ in our household. Like the true queen I am, I took that crown and have continued to wear it proudly every birthday, anniversary, Christmas and just because-es. Respectfully, I have never questioned his lack of creative giving (ok so perhaps I have once or twice) but let’s just say he has now been titled ‘most improved gift giver’. J and I have our birthdays eight days apart followed by our anniversary and this year we decided to spend time with one another rather than spending money. Naturally, I couldn’t help myself, I had to do something for the great man. After much debate (mainly in my own head) I decided to get him a couple of necessities – my mind was like “necessity gifting but make it fun”.

Like your typical man gift, socks and jocks were on his ‘need’ list. Not going to lie, I came up with the idea after our puppy pooch put multiple holes in almost every pair of socks and jocks J owns. Now for the fun part, scavenger hunt it up! I nipped out while J was still asleep and got him his favourite breaky burger and the usual long mac ¾ topped up and used this as a reward for all his hard work running around the house scavenger-ing.  I used puppy pooch to wake said man up and gave him his first clue. J was a little unsure what was going on but soon after realising, jumped out of bed and began searching high and low for each clue. There was not one corner, shelf or pot plant left unturned. Each clue giving another until alas breaky burg and coffee were reached. J said he loved the idea and that it made small ‘necessity’ items fun to receive. Among these I also added in some scratches and of course how could I forget his favourite lollies, old-school milk bottles. He rather enjoyed the fuss I had made to make him feel a bit more special. So there you have it, a simple yet effective way to gift small (or big) items and help make gifting fun. Add your own twist and see what creative ways you can come up with to help spark joy in the lives of those you love.

Big E-hugs, Tess

Gallant Gift Co.



Follow steps 1 – 11 below:


  1. Identify man needs/wants (socks, razors, favourite choccies etc.).
  2. Pinterest/google/Instagram rhymes and play-on words to come up with ideas for clues.
  3. Write/print out clues.
  4. Figure out where each clue goes, ensuring you follow along with the clues yourself so they go in the right places.
  5. Ensure man is a) asleep or b) not home to secure supreme hiding spots.
  6. End hunt with way to man’s heart (typically food).
  7. Keep pooch/other house pets/children away from hidden man gems.
  8. Wake or wait for man to appear and surprise him with first clue.
  9. Follow along with him because he is bound to either cheat or get lost.
  10. Bask in the excitement with said man and celebrate small finds.
  11. Victory is yours and so too will be the crown of best gift giver.


*Share the excitement with us! We love seeing your gift giving ideas and those special moments, so feel free to tag us in those pics you take.