WHY buy sustainable products?

3 REALLY GOOD reasons why you should pay a little more attention to what you are buying.

The word sustainability is being thrown around more and more these days as a way for customers to relate to a product or brand. It is becoming a big trend in packaged goods and fashion industries, especially as consumers have increasing concerns over the environment. But what is the big deal about it? WHY should we care about buying sustainably and what is in it for US?

Here are 3 reasons why I choose to shop sustainably. I understand it’s not always the easiest or cheapest option, but I think it’s important to know we do have a choice with how we spend our money and the impacts of it.


  1. It reduces your physical impact on the environment.
    According to scientists up to 12 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean every year, forming giant floating rubbish islands all over the world (see pictures below). This waste that we create by buying cheap products, ones that do not last or cannot be recycled have extremely damaging impacts on ocean wildlife, habitats and the biodiversity of our planet. BUT before this waste even ends up in the ocean, there is a massive amount of air pollution from the factories producing the product. We already know these gases that go into our atmosphere are dangerous and are contributing to warmer and more severe weather but for the people working in these factories and living in the communities around them it also contributes to their lively hoods and higher mortality rates. Yes the cost of imported products is lower because of less stringent air pollution controls in those regions and cheaper labour, however your consumer savings may come at the expense of lives lost else where (be that wildlife or polluted eastern cities). 

  2. It saves natural resources.
    By recycling and re-using, we are reducing landfill and using up what we already have, rather than taking more of what we don’t need! Instead of adding to those floating rubbish islands, or chopping down more trees (that have been around for a lot longer than you or I), let’s use the materials that have already been made for us. Humans have completely taken over the world. David Attenborough isn’t lying when he says we need to urgently save our planet’s biodiversity and our natural resources. After all, once they are gone, there is no getting them back!

  3. It helps your local and wider communities.
    When you purchase from local businesses your money is kept within the community. It is more likely they too will reciprocate by using your product or service. It also addresses social issues and creates a better living environment for those in the community. By buying fairly traded goods it improves the livelihoods and working conditions of individuals from places you may have never visited, making positive changes around the world!

It’s true, value and ease of purchase are still the main drivers of purchase decisions, but sustainability is becoming a bigger factor! Luckily for us at GALLANT gift co we like to cover all bases by partnering up with brands who have the same values as us and offering sustainable options. We want to work with brands who are working towards a better community for all. Plus we make shopping these products as easy as it comes, you don’t even need to leave your home!

Have you made any sustainable shopping swaps recently? Or have a top tip on HOW to shop more sustainably? Let me know, I love finding and learning new ways to live harmoniously with our environment.

Brooke xx



millions of tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year forming giant rubbish islands in the pacific
(Pacific Ocean Rubbish Island) 
image of water currents, western and eastern rubbish in pacific ocean
(Garbage patches in the pacific ocean and how the water currents move with them) 
Here is a little diagram with more info on sustainable shopping thanks to The World Wide Fund for nature (World Wildlife Fund). 
sustainable shopping diagram