Hello, welcome, we are Tess and Brooke and we are the team behind GALLANT Gift Co

Tess came to Brooke with the concept for GALLANT Gift Co after finding that there's a huge gap in the market when it comes to men’s gifting. Where flowers are commonly used for females on birthdays, anniversaries, thank you’s, thinking of you's and everything in between, there was no equivalent for men. Men's gift hampers seem so formal and a carton of beer just impersonal, where was the inbetween? Where was the fun and joy in getting your mate a congrats pressie, where was the stress free last minute pressie for your brother? We couldn't find anything convenient enough but realised there were plenty of great ideas out there, they just needed to be in one place - GALLANT Gift Co.

With Tess' kind and thoughtful ideas and Brooke's go getter attitude the two have come together to create a fun and simple Men's gifting community.


two girls standing behind a men's gift shop market stall table



"We found ourselves drawn to the name "Gallant" and its definition of being brave, attentive and chivalrous. Although it is commonly used for Knights and men, we wanted to turn this masculine description into one we can all relate to and act by.

Our focus is not only on men's gifting made easy but to create important conversation around men's health, community projects and the environment.
The way we see it; where you decide to spend your hard earned dollaroos is the most powerful tool in spreading kindness and helping others. By choosing to purchase sustainable gifts from independent businesses you are helping the local economy, saving the planet and turning someones crappy day into a memorable one.... it's a win win win!!!!"



  • The products we include in the packs are from AUSTRALIAN brands and companies 

  • The businesses we partner with and promote, 'DO GOOD' - by this we mean they support their local community or a charity we can relate to, or are doing their best to create a more sustainable world. 

  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT is at the core. 'Organic', 'recycled', 'eco-friendly', 'sustainable', are all buzz words that are our foundation and the products we sell align with this.

  • POSITIVE VIBES! Gift giving should be fun, we want to make friends, share the joy and spread the love! 


Thanks for visiting our page and if you wish to know more or link up send us an email at info@gallantgiftco.com.au 

Love Tess & Brooke